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Pure PTFE Adhesive Tape For Sealing Machine High Temperature PTFE Tape

Basic Information

Adhesive: Silicone
Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive

Conformable Teflon tape with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive is a high-density tape that offers greater tensile strength,

higher dielectric properties and less elongation that regular Teflon tape. It is the ultimate in release, durability,

low stretch / high strength characteristics, and releases cleanly without residue at high temperatures.

Used in electrical applications such as coil wraps and separators, transformer, slot liners and harness wrapping

where good insulation and heat resistance are needed.Features:* Possesses smooth, slippery surface and anti-friction properties.

* Superior insulating and dielectric strength.

* Teflon(PTFE) is chemically resistant to most solvents and acids as well as ozone and UV.

* Maintains high temperature resistance to 500°F.

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