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Polyimide Tape For PCB Solder High Temperature Masking Tape Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll

Basic Information

Adhesive: Silicone
Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive

Polyimide Tape is polyimide film and silicone adhesive used for PCB solder masking and otherhigh temperature applications. This product is amber colored and 0.04mm thickness.

Polyimide Tape Feature:

• The polyimide film does not soften at elevated temperatures, thus the film provides an excellent release surface at elevated temperatures

• Is dimensionally stable at high temperatures, which helps reduce rework, helping to enable high productivity

• Is flame retardant, chemical and radiation resistant which helps protect surfaces to help reduce replacement costs

• The silicone adhesive’s high temperature performance helps reduce adhesive transfer which helps to eliminate cleaning, enabling high productivity

• Polyethylene tape core instead of cardboard

Polyimide Tape Application:

• Polyimide Tape Mask for protection of gold fingers of printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip process.

• Polyimide Tape Release surface in fabrication of parts cured at elevated temperatures.For the adhesion and class H insulation of electronic switch, motor, transformer, relay, wires, coil, capacitor and lithium battery etc.

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