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Polyester PET Acrylic Adhesive Mylar Insulation Tape for Transformer

Basic Information

Material: Polyester
Adhesive: Silicone
Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive

Mylar (Mara) tape, also known as polyester tape to polyester film as the substrate, the use of acrylic acid resistance as a plastic adhesive, the product from the shape of high, excellent resistance to chemicals, anti-agent and moisture-proof capacity. Yellow, black, green, blue, white, transparent and a variety of colors, and can withstand cutting and wear, with the resistance, the characteristics of insulation. Mylar Tape Features:* Good holding power

* Chemical resistance

* Flammability rating: 94V-0 has excellent resistance to solvents

* Polyester film tape with high temperature resistance

* High pressure resistance

* Good insulation performance and the characteristics of the flame retardant

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